Our Primary Services

Using Green Buildings as Educational Platforms

Green buildings can teach everyone about sustainability and lowering our carbon footprint, so let’s learn to use them well. CEE will help you think about how to use your building as an educational platform, highlighting and explaining every sustainable aspect of your school, community center or non-profit organization. CEE will help you design inventive educational strategies and tactics that capture everyone’s interest, rousing curiosity and planting new ideas about how to live lightly on the planet. Your green school will speak clearly and directly to each student, teacher, staff and visitor through creative exhibits, interactives and interpretive panels that uncover and explain the inner working of a green building’s technology and design.

Green Curriculum Integration

CEE will help individualize your school’s environmental curriculum to fit the special features of green building design. We will help your school develop and integrate curricular approaches that use green building elements as the focus to teach about sustainability, climate change and related environmental issues.