When you think of global warming, do you think of a crowded free-way with cars, and trucks, and busses, and tractor-trailers all backed-up, bumper to bumper, each with a muffler spewing fumes into the air? As you already know, the vehicles we drive dramatically contribute to carbon dioxide emissions which is directly linked to global warming. In the United States alone, 1,958.6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide where released into the air by transportation in 2005, accounting for 32.9% of the carbon emissions from fossil fuels (Transportation Energy Data Book).

Your school is a transportation hub for everything from school buses to cars driven by parents and staff. The Center for Environmental Education is researching the strategies and new technologies available for you to minimize the effect your school’s transportation has on the environment. In the meantime, visit EPA’s Clean School Bus USA website, which offers guidance in developing policies and practices to minimize the environmental impact of your bus fleet, and guidance in upgrading or “retrofitting” your buses. Also, visit BIODIESEL to learn about biodiesel as an option for school buses.

How about doing away with school buses altogether for students who live in close proximity to the school? Consider having a Walking School Bus.
Bring green transportation to the classroom by teaching students about biodiesel, using these classroom activities provided by the NEED project.