At long last, and in one place, here is the primary information you need to understand and deal with environmental health and safety issues in your school. You can also learn more about lowering greenhouse gas emissions and responsibly addressing climate change issues.

Spend a moment taking an imaginary walk around your school grounds. Is your school environment as healthy and safe as it could be? Is the energy from renewable sources? Are there plants in every room? Does your school really do enough in terms of recycling and waste reduction? Can more be done to infuse environmental awareness throughout the curriculum?

This resource is divided into ten sections: Energy, Water, Food, Transportation, Procurement, Recycling and Waste Management, Green Building, Maintenance, Curriculum and Environmental Health. Currently, Energy, Food, Environmental Health, and Recycling & Waste Management are complete and contain a wealth of information. The other sections now include some resources, but will be far more extensive in coming months.

Clicking on a subject in the sidebar will lead you to resources that provide information and suggest ways to incorporate the information into daily school life.