Food & Fitness Go Hand-in-Hand - Take Some Action

Other easy things you can do to help your school be healthier!

There are many small changes you can make in your school to help it be healthier in addition to influencing food policy. Having students engage in healthy activities can increase the effects of eating healthy and vice versa. It can create a self-propelling cycle where students feel better because they’re healthy and want to continue feeling better.

A prime example of an improvement you can initiate is a recess before lunch policy developed by the Montana Team Nutrition Program.

For other bright ideas, check out BRIGHT IDEAS from California Project Lean. The bright ideas include ideas for increasing physical activity at schools, as well as ideas for making healthy foods more accessible at school.

For more policy oriented ideas, check out the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s site on increasing physical activity in schools.

Action for Healthy Kids provides a searchable list of resources for improving nutrition and physical activity in schools. It allows you to add elements to your search, like exactly which topic you want to address, which organization you want help from, and which state you live in.