Involve Students in a Garden Project - Take Some Action

Research suggests a link between experiential learning about food early in life and the development of long-term healthy eating behaviors, according to the Community Food Security Coalition. Experiential learning with food can take the form of gardening, farming, or cooking.

So why not start a small school garden project with your students? This excellent hands-on opportunity may not only help them develop a connection to their food, but they can learn concepts from biology class, earth science, and other great skills like teamwork and the responsibilities of caretaking.

Read these tips from Viva! Garden to help you get started. Also take advantage of Life Lab Science Program’s tips and resources for educational gardens. They post articles on how to sustain your school garden, how to manage an effective outdoor classroom, how to teach nutrition through the garden, and even how to decide on which plants to grow!

If you’d like to see examples of school garden lessons and instructional videos, check out these online videos maintained by the California School Garden Network and Life Lab Science Program.

Do you have dreams of making a school garden that substantially contributes to your school’s food supply? Then, check out our Go the Extra Mile section on School Gardens!