How to Change Menu Items or Eliminate Junkfood - Take Some Action

We understand that convincing school decision-makers to change aspects of the food policy can sometimes be difficult. Often, a lot of steps need to be taken and sometimes the people involved may either not have an interest in healthy, local, or sustainable food options, or simply not be informed about their benefits. Therefore, we recommend you check out the School Foods Tool Kit: A Guide to Improving School Foods & Beverages by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. It offers tips for communicating with decision makers, how to get help from the community, talking points for meetings and phone calls, and even items as specific as a sample letter to the Superintendent. The guide also illustrates successful changes that have been made in other schools so that you can get an idea of what you may be able to accomplish!

Maybe you’re interested in specifically going after “junkfood” in your school or all the other snacks that are available outside lunch. What if you could get your school’s vending machines replaced with free boxes of apples for students? The Center for Science in the Public Interest provides this page to help you with methods of replacing “junkfood” in school, including ways to reward students without using food, funding resources for your project ideas, and more.

How well do you know junkfood? Do you know it as well as you think you do? Take the junkfood quiz to find out !

If you need more guidance on how to influence food policy in your school or you have higher inspirations of completely re-thinking the way your school does food, then see Go the Extra Mile!