Environmental Health

The Environment's Health is Your Health Too!

We take for granted that our schools are healthy environments for our children to spend the day in while learning, playing and socializing. Parents trust the health and safety, as well as the education, of their children to school administrators and teachers.

Walking down those shiny hallways each morning, does anyone think about how they got that way? Was the cleaning solution non-toxic? Is the maintenance team mindful of how cleaning materials affect the air that children breathe? Are chemicals being used to control pests within the school that might effect indoor air quality or seep into water sources? How are choices made about procurement?

Hopefully, your school takes pride in providing safe alternatives to the prevalent toxic choices on the market. Schools that are careful to avoid hazardous chemicals, radon levels, formaldehyde off-gassing and lead levels in school environments create safer places to learn. A healthy environment makes you feel alive and energetic. Healthy school environments cultivate learners with a greater ability to attend to lessons and achieve knowledge.

Learn more about the hidden costs of environmental toxics and the steps to make your schools the healthiest place for our future generations to learn good life habits.
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