Environmental Health

Zap Your Knowledge of EMFs - Go the Extra Mile

If you are genuinely concerned about EMF exposure in your school, you should have a survey done to gauge your risk so that you can make an educated decision about whether or not to move beyond “no and low-cost” solutions. According to the California EMF Program, a field measurement may find problems like faulty wiring which produces high levels of EMF exposure. For a short list of providers of electric and magnetic field measurements and related services, click here.

Going the extra mile to reduce EMF exposure in your school may involve a comprehensive evaluation of your school’s specific EMF risk compared to other schools, consideration of EMF exposure when undergoing building or remodeling plans, and as a last resort, EMF shielding solutions. Two resources can help you substantially with these efforts. The most helpful is the California EMF Program’s section on schools. It provides information on building plans, remodeling considerations, EMF shielding, and even a video on wiring. The second resource we recommend is A Sourcebook for Green and Sustainable Building. Half-way down the page they offer guidelines for reducing exposure in relation to building lay-out, and then further down they offer a list of professional businesses that deal with EMF services.