Take Some Action Introduction - Conserve Energy to Conserve your Effort!

Conserving energy is one of the easiest and most effective ways you can make a difference in your school! Maybe when you think of making your school more green, you automatically feel the call to get solar panels or install a wind turbine. Aspirations like this are great, but can sometimes be daunting to think about. It’s important to understand that the easiest change you can make simply by conserving energy has an almost immediate payback and can actually make a huge difference. In fact, Energy Star reports that the most energy efficient schools in the country use three times less energy than the least efficient schools!

Conserving energy is not only the easiest way to make a difference, but also an easy place to start to rally students and staff around the spirit of going green. It’s also a necessary first step if you do have future aspirations of solar panels, wind turbines, buying clean green power from the grid, or other big ideas. It’s necessary because the more your school can cut down its energy needs, the smaller your future investment needs to be for a green energy source. Furthermore, some schools set aside the money they save from conserving to help pay for that renewable energy investment.

It’s as simple as using only the electricity and heating fuels that you need and not using energy when you don’t need it. But, even though the concept is simple, many people are unaware of all the ways energy gets sucked up under our radar, and all the ways we can prevent this from happening. Check out our Tips for Conservation section when you are ready to Take Some Action in your school!