About Us

In 2008, the Center for Environmental Education (CEE) celebrates twenty years as an international resource center and clearinghouse for environmental education. We believe that anyone can become an environmental leader and that teachers, administrators, students and parents must be well informed and supported toward that end.

Our mission is to provide the necessary resources, curriculum, expertise and guidance to cultivate environmental leadership in K-12 schools. We work to create environmentally healthy schools where children learn how to choose sustainable lifestyles. (www.ceeonline.org)

CEE grew out of the belief that if positive environmental change is going to occur, it must begin with the education of our children. The Center was started in 1988 by Jayni Chase in Pacific Palisades, California. The Center moved to Unity College in Maine in 2008.

Since its creation CEE has been a vital link between the ‘in-the-trenches” educators and the abundant environmental resources available. CEE provides important connections for countless in-service teachers and in-the-field educators bringing accurate, interesting, timely and inspiring teaching materials and educational resources into schools and classrooms.