Our Current Projects

The Secret’s Out Curriculum!

We recently launched a test-run of our Secret’s Out Curriculum in two elementary schools in Maine and New Hampshire. This joint project with INFORM uses video media to create an online community capable of teaching students about environmental issues, while also challenging them to tackle these issues in their school!

The Secret’s Out is a unique and interdisciplinary approach that entices students to use their best investigative research, science and math, writing and presentation skills and computer creativity to tell secrets of ‘stuff’ to the world and to help suggest alternatives that will lead to sustainability. Investigating the ‘full story’ of paper, cell phones and meat means navigating a complex labyrinth that takes skill, perseverance and dedication. The fun is in sharing the secret of stuff and working with others to find creative solutions to our current product practices. As the students begin to uncover their ‘secrets’ to an innovative online community of other students, they will feel empowered to make changes in response. They will feed off each other to create intellectual and creative solutions to our current problems.

We are planning to launch a full pilot of The Secret’s Out by next fall in New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, and California. Soon after, we plan to launch nationwide. To help our curriculum teach the next generation of environmental stewards, please consider donating to our project by contacting Executive Director, Cindy Thomashow, or by clicking here.

Art of Stewardship

We are helping Unity College host a four-day conference from July 12th – 15th, 2009 that brings together the creative inventiveness of the art community with the urgency of the science community in a response to escalating environmental issues. Art is a powerful means to illuminate issues like stewardship and sustainability for the public and to engage them in provocative and enticing ways.

Participants from a variety of professional fields will work with accomplished environmental artists and scientists exploring the use of expressive venues like dance, music, 2D and 3D art for experimental arts-based environmental awareness. Click here to learn more.

Education in a Changing Climate

We are helping Orion Magazine and Unity College host their second annual Education in a Changing Climate Workshop from July 26th-July31st, 2009. This unusual workshop will engage the best practices of the humanities, the arts, and environmental science in service of a broader and deeper understanding of biodiversity, sustainability and climate change. Using field-based nature study, art and nature-writing, interpretation and other emergent educational strategies, the workshop sets the stage for issues like climate destabilization to become an important context for thinking about environmental education.

Alison Deming, John Elder, Kim Langmaid and our own Executive Director, Cindy Thomashow, will serve as faculty. Tom Wessels, Chip Blake and Mitchell Thomashow will contribute significantly as adjunct faculty. Faculty will join participants in wrestling with the development of multi-disciplinary programming using various disciplines to address educating for stewardship and sustainability in multiple public arenas…museums, classrooms, public parks, college campuses, zoos and aquariums, nature centers and others places of learning. Participants will be encouraged to use their time at Unity to address real-life challenges they face in their own work and institutions. Click here for more information.